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Windows 8 Pro x 64 Original + ยาแก้ไอ [one2up]

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Start Screen, the screen is bright and vivid. The first thing you have seen every Tiles on the Start Screen will connect you with the download site music or other things that are important to you, Tiles displays the latest updates for you. abreast of all news. Sweeps just once. You can see the photo that you just got tagged. Tomorrow's weather forecast. And messages from your friends.

Windows attentive even small details. But considering that all you like, you can change the screen time is locked to anything. You can also see the warning on the lock screen. Before you sign. Or application will enable any one else.

By the user with an image. You can sign in to use it. By doing a trace on the picture of your choice. Instead of a traditional password. Whether zigzag line on the dog picture. Knock three times on the image or the baby's nose. You can customize all.

You can use your tablet or laptop computer for entertainment or do both at the same time. You can chat with friends and look at the same map. Or play games while waiting for it to be done. Simply sweep your finger from the screen, you can change the spreadsheet to see the video. A screen or two to work together several items at once with ease.

Application installed in the device such as contacts, mail, images, and text messaging. And propel you to the many important works effectively together. This one also has experience as a new application. Did you find that the Windows Store.


  • เข้าไปปรับประเทศที่ Control Panel > Region
  • เลือกตรง Format เป็น English (United States)
  • แล้วเลือกแท็ป Location เลือกเป็น United States ก่อนแล้วค่อยรัน


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